Here are some tips on saving gas.

  • Avoid jack-rabbit starts and hard braking

  • Avoid revving engine

  • Slow down on the highway

  • Drive the speed limit for gas efficiency

  • Use cruise control on long stretches of road

  • Don’t idle excessively

  • Warm up vehicle for no more than 30-45 seconds

  • Minimize air-conditioning use

  • Use their flow-through ventilation on the highway

  • Open a window when driving in the city, instead of using air conditioner

  • Keep tires properly inflated

  • Avoid filling gas tank to top

  • Buy gasoline during coolest time of day

  • Buy gasoline in the morning or evening

  • Choose type and brand of gasoline carefully (check owner’s manual)

  • Accelerate before reaching hills, not on them

  • Have vehicle regularly maintained

  • Clean air filters increase air flow which prevents gas waste

  • Remove snow tires during good weather seasons

  • Remove excess weight from vehicle

  • Car pool whenever possible

  • Remove items that cause wind resistance, such as luggage racks

  • Wheel alignments serve your gas consumption better

  • Ride a bicycle or walk

  • Invest in Electric/Hybrid cars



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