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Here are some tips to keep your vehicle in its best working condition.

  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for oil and filter changes (every 3,000 to 4,000 miles)

  • Schedule periodic(seasonal) engine tune-ups to keep vehicle running smoothly

  • Take vehicle to a technician at the first sign of trouble

  • Check/Replace air and fuel filters on periodic basis

  • Vacuum air filter housing and wipe with a damp rag before installing new air filter to keep dirt out of engine and maximize filter life

  • Check battery fluid regularly

  • Periodically check tension on drive belts (ensure they do not give more than half an inch)

  • Lubricate door hinges, door latches and hood hinges periodically

  • Have tires rotated and balanced (at least every 10,000 miles)

  • Check tire inflation once a month to maximize fuel efficiency

  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for coolant flushes

  • Change windshield wipers at least once a year

  • Use fresh air, instead of recirculated, to keep your windows from fogging

  • Run air conditioner once a month to keep it in proper running order

  • Check/Replace your car’s fluids (owner’s manual) (oil, transmission, differential, power steering, brake, windshield wiper and antifreeze fluids)

  • Have ignition system checked yearly by a trained technician    (batteries and spark plug wires)

  • Have your cooling system checked once a year

  • Flush dirt, bugs and leaves from the front of your radiator with a brush and garden hose to prevent cooling system problems

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