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Here are some tips to help you get started cleaning the inside of your car.

Before You Begin

  • Choose a shaded or indoor area that is relatively dust free

  • Remove/Organize all unnecessary items in vehicle

  • Organize compartments, keep only what you need and important emergency items

  • Apply interior cleaner with a lightly saturated rag/cloth (avoid direct spray on surfaces)

  • Use new rag once old rag gets over-saturated or too dirty

Cleaning Upholstery

  • Clean door panels (lower windows), including metal frame and rubbers

  • Clean dashboard and all consoles (steering wheel, gauges, entertainment unit, etc...)

  • Use cotton swabs/compressed air can to get in the hard to reach areas (HVAC vents, entertainment unit, etc...)

  • Wipe down seats and seat belts

  • Organize trunk and wipe down all paneling

  • Apply a surface protectant to all materials once cleaning is done (treat leather surfaces with proper cleaning methods)

* All materials are different and should be cleaned with proper solution (vinyls, leathers, plastics, etc...)

Cleaning Glass

  • Spray glass cleaner sparingly on microfiber towel, wipe windows down inside and out

  • Clean all glass and transparent plastics


  • Use a vacuum with small/large heads to get into all crevices of the vehicle

  • Remove all floor mats and shake out excess debris

  • Wash floor mats with hose or use carpet shampoo (follow directions) to remove stains and hang to dry

  • Use carpet shampoo on cloth mats (follow directions)

  • For stains, apply a solution and follow directions

  • Vacuum seats and then concentrate on the floor

  • Use foam carpet cleaner for detailing carpets (follow directions)

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